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Full Set of Lashes
Lash Fill (1hr)
Note: $25 for each addition half hour after first hour


Waxing and expert shaping
Brow wax and trim
Lip wax
Brow tinting


Lash tinting
Perfect Sense Paraffin for hands
Perfect Sense Paraffin for feet
personal paraffin system; no double dipping

They're very comfortable. A single lash is skiilfully isolated and a micro-fiber polyester extension is carefully adhered to it - making sure it's connected to the other lashes or skin. This is repeated over 60-100 times* on each eye, giving you plush lashes that frame the 'windows to your soul' in the most come-hither fullness possible. They can be showered, slept, and lived in.

Did you know?
That lash adhesive has a very short shelf life? Our adhesives are checked daily for proper consistency and holding power and are tossed at the first sign of expiration. We're in the business of making you look good and sending you off with lashes that are
here today and gone the next because of expired adhesive doesn't make anyone look good.

Did you know?
A total of 1.5-2 hours are invested in creating the fullest, lushest lash-line for you that cannot be compared. There is a difference with Tussanee. You'll leave with 60-100+ lashes per
eye. (Final amount varies due to quantity and quality of presenting lashes)

Did you know?
We stock an extremely wide selection of lash lengths, thicknesses, and curl shapes- far beyond the typical "start-up lash kits" available to professionals. This variety ensures you the best look for your eyes- not just the most popular sizes.

Did you know?
These aren't just for special occasions? Lash extensions make it so much easier to go au naturel- by accentuating the natural beauty of your eyes, many women forego the mascara and liner.

Did you know?
These extensions are not the cluster lashes available at the drug store. You'd be surprised that some hi-end spas in Pasadena choose clusters for their lash extensions. Cluster lashes are 5-8 blunt-end lashes knotted together in a bunch. You can get a very
full look in a short appointment. These add instant fullness because of their multi-lash flare, but are designed to adhere to several of your lashes at once because their large size and weight cannot be supported by the single lash. When lashes are glued together and
left on for more than a day, these clusters will prematurely pull out your slower growing lashes. At Integrity, Tussanee only uses single lash extensions, adhered one at a time to yours. There is a difference.

Did you know?
Experience counts! Tussanee does lashes every single day. Lash Extensions at Integrity are not simply offered as an "add on" service, but as an integral core specialty. This focus allows her to do simply what she does best. If you've tried lashes before, you
won't believe the thickness and amount of lashes that Tussanee can deliver. She truly offers a premium quality that can't be compared to at a competitive price.

How long do they last?
As long as you'd like to keep them!
Like acrylic nails, the lashes can last 4-6 weeks and will require a fill in 2 weeks' to touch up outgrowth. Unlike acrylics, properly applied extensions won't harm your own lashes. Application of a full set normally requires 1.5 - 2 hours. It's lots of lashes and a very full look. If necessary, the appointment can be divided.

Can I wear mascara?
Yes, if it is water based, but it's truly unnecessary considering your new lengths. Avoid the waterproof stuff and oily makeup removers as they break down the adhesive bond.

*amount based on presenting lashes

No longer then 2 weeks between refills is recommended to aptly maintain your set. Fill times and fees will naturally increase the longer lashes are allowed to grow out between visits.